Our Homes

Asia's Hope provides loving families for more than 700 orphaned children in our 30 children's homes in Cambodia, Thailand and India. Before coming to Asia's Hope, these children were at extremely high risk of sexual and economic exploitation. Today, they live happily and safely in supportive, Christian families. Still, there are countless more children who need the kind of help we provide. Contact us today to discuss how your church can get involved in rescuing and raising orphaned children.



Suffering from a legacy of genocide and conflict, Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries. The economy is in tatters and many children are forced to beg on Phnom Penh’s dusty streets or work domestically or abroad amidst daily risk of sexual and economic exploitation.

Asia’s Hope operates 15 children's homes serving more than 375 orphaned children in Cambodia. Our children's homes are geographically clustered, with five in Prek Eng, just outside of Phnom Penh, and seven in Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city, about 5 hours from Phnom Penh.

Battambang 1
sponsored by Westview Bible Church, Montreal, Quebec 

Battambang 2
sponsored by Grace Community Church, Goshen, Indiana

Battambang 3  and 7
sponsored by Crossroads Community Church, Mansfield, Ohio

Battambang 4 and 9
sponsored by Wooster Grace Brethren Church, Wooster, Ohio

Battambang 5 
sponsored by Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City, Ohio

Battambang 6
sponsored by The Chapel, Akron, Ohio 

Battambang 8
sponsored by LIFE Vineyard Church, Columbus, Ohio 

Battambang 10
sponsored by Caringbah Baptist Church, Caringbah, New South Wales


Prek Eng 1
sponsored by The Chapel, Akron, Ohio 

Prek Eng 2
sponsored by Central Vineyard Church, Columbus, Ohio

Prek Eng 3
sponsored by Vista Community Church, Dublin, Ohio

Prek Eng 4
sponsored by Covenant Trust, Dublin, Ohio

Prek Eng 5
sponsored by Hope for Cambodia, Bradenton, Florida

Prek Eng 6
sponsored by Vineyard Columbus, Columbus, Ohio



Northern Thailand is home to a number of ethnic minority groups known broadly as “the hill tribes,” each of which maintains its own culture, language and dress. Political oppression and centuries-old cycles of poverty have left thousands of hill tribe children without parents, without education and without hope.

Asia’s Hope operates 10 orphan homes serving more than 200 hill tribe children in Northern Thailand. Seven of our homes are in Doi Saket, about 30 minutes north of Chiang Mai. One is in Hot Springs, about 45 minutes north of Doi Saket. The newest homes are in Wiang Pa Pow, about an hour and a half north of Doi Saket. This land also houses our ministry run by hill tribe widows, a handful of agricultural, handicraft and micro-enterprise initiatives designed to provide our children with educational and economic opportunities.

Doi Saket 1A, 1B, 1C, and Early Childhood homes sponsored by donors and friends from Canada including Tenaquip Foundation, Penmore Benfits, Currey Insurance Agency, Gillespie Munro, Manulife and Kelson and by Chets Creek Church, Jacksonville, Florida.

Doi Saket 2
sponsored by Grace Community Church, Goshen, Indiana

Doi Saket 3 and 4
sponsored by Grace Community Church, Fremont, Ohio

Hot Springs
sponsored by Highview Community Church, Kitchener, Ontario

Wiang Pa Pow 1 and 2
sponsored by Wooster Grace Brethren Church, Wooster, Ohio




Unfathomably vast, India is the second-largest nation on earth, and has the world's largest orphan population. West Bengal alone has more than 90 million people from 35 distinct ethnic groups. It is in this diverse state, whose people reside in huge metropolitan areas and tiny mountain villages, where Asia's Hope has begun its work, opening its first home in Kalimpong in 2011.

Asia's Hope operates 5 homes in Kalimpong, providing loving families for more than 125 orphaned children. We also operate the Asia's Hope school, which serves our elementary-aged students.

Kalimpong 1
sponsored by Lake Forest Church, Hunstersville & Davidson, North Carolina

Kalimpong 2
sponsored by TransFORM Construction, Columbus, Ohio

Kalimpong 3
sponsored by Narrow Road Church, Heath, Ohio

Kalimpong 4

sponsored by Vista Community Church, Dublin, Ohio, and Scarlet City Church, Columbus Ohio.

Kalimpong 5
sponsored by LIFE Vineyard Church, Columbus, Ohio

Kalimpong 6
sponsored by Sacred Space Church
Worthington, Ohio