Doi Saket Thailand May Update

Update provided by Asia's Hope Thailand intern, Ashley Barnhill.


Throughout the last few months, I’ve been collecting new pictures of all of our kids and staff. Early May, after church, many of the staff got together for a group picture. Praise God for the hard-working staff that He’s provided for Asia’s Hope and please remember to pray for them often.


Dob and Ying joined our staff early this month after just recently getting married near the Karen village of Om Koi (see last update). They are doing a great job with the kids and are already expecting their first child!


Birdy, a Bible college student and Asia's Hope orphan, helping prepare shots.


Jeran - Home 2

Thilapha - Home 2


All of the kids from Home 1, 2, 3 and Hot Springs were given another round of immunizations before school started again.


Rachinee and Muntri from Home 3 recited almost 5 minutes of memory verses on an awards night for all of the orphans. 



Things are going great up at the widow’s farm in Wiang Pa Pao. Several trees full of ripe lychee greet you as you pull in. They just finished planting several acres of crops, including corn. The widows' house is progressing and Tutu will soon be taking several of the older kids up to help lay brick and get it finished. The widow’s continue weaving bags and shirts and several visitors have taken many items home recently to help sell for the widows in the U.S. and Canada.


L to R: Dow (Tipanee), Paleupa, Sai (Natiga), Tua Lek, Jam (Pawinee), Jo


The nursery kids got all dressed up one day and sang and danced for church. They all remain healthy for the most part.  The older four, Jam, Jojo, Paleupa, and Tua Lek just graduated to “big kids school.” Joci, her brother Eric, (two short-term interns here) and I threw a congratulations party for them last Saturday, playing games, eating cake, and giving gifts. They were so excited!


 Short term intern, Eric Biddle, with the nursery kids during the party.


 The four graduates!


Samaporn and Muntri - Home 3


Home 3


Phi Pha - Home 3


A group from Campus Crusade came to have an English camp with the kids the week before school started. The kids had a blast playing games, learning English, and doing fun crafts. The staff from Campus Crusade took the kids swimming one day and topped of the week with a special meal and a great night of ice cream, fireworks and sparklers (above).


Short term intern, Jocelyn Biddle, with Galia and Mai from Home 3


While Joci and Eric were in town, Tutu decided to hold a big concert for all the kids. Us three interns, Tutu’s sons, some of the staff, and some friends all put on a concert of love songs, fun songs, and worship songs for the kids while they ate cookies and drank Coke.


Tutu, her son David, and us three interns headed to a prison about 2 and a half hours away with another group involved in prison ministry. We sang songs, shared testimonies, and shared from the Word of God together. Please pray for God to continue to work in prisons throughout Thailand.


Prison ministry in Pa Yao


Boys from Home 2 and 3 waiting for haricuts.


Several volunteers came this Saturday to cut the kids hair. They were cutting all morning!


Jutamat, Home 1, getting her hair cut.


Girls from all 3 homes waiting for their turn.


Now that the kids are back in school, I’m working with the girls again on Saturday afternoon, teaching English songs and cooking. Today we learned “How Great is Our God” in English and made a Devil’s Food cake. The girls did a GREAT job reading the recipe, making the cake, and learning the song!


Supawadee, Jinda, and Ahrunya with the cake they made with the rest of the girls :)


Please keep praying for continual protection for our children from physical, spiritual and emotional enemies as they attack. Being here for almost 10 months now and living with the kids, I haven't gotten close to seeing the end of God's grace in these kid's lives. Everyday you can see God's awesome provisions and grace in these kids lives. He truly loves them unconditionally. Thank you immensely for your prayers and financial support.