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Our Big Idea:
Family-Style Care

Orphaned children need more than just a roof over their head. They need a mom and a dad they can rely on throughout their entire childhood. That's why we've modeled each of our homes on a family, not an institution.


For almost two decades, Asia's Hope has been guiding God's people into courageous leadership on behalf of the world's most vulnerable children.


Simon Forsythe

A pastor, father and husband who lived his life as a compassionate, courageous leader. His passing in November 2018 is devastating to the Asia’s Hope family, but his legacy lives on as a role model for kids and adults around the world.

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Savorn Ou

A former genocide survivor, child soldier and underground seminarian, Savorn Ou has dedicated his life to rescuing orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation.

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Tutu Abourmad

Raised in the poorest family of a destitute hill tribe village in Thailand, Tutu was herself at high risk of exploitation. Beating all the odds, she became a defender of hundreds of orphaned hilltribe children.

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Holy Moses Hair

Justin and Jamie Perkins, owners of Columbus, Ohio-based Holy Moses Hair are leading and leading from a deep, longstanding conviction that they wanted their business to have a meaningful stake in the lives of kids who would otherwise suffer economic and sexual exploitation.

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TransFORM Construction

TransFORM Construction made the bold decision to donate 10% of its profits to the Asia's Hope Kalimpong 2 Children's Home in India. Learn more by watching this short video.

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A hill-tribe orphan rescued and raised by Asia's Hope Thailand, Janpon has dedicated his life to caring for children who, like himself, once faced a life of desperation.

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When We Lead, They Thrive

Basic, life-saving care is only the beginning. We don’t just want to help our kids survive, we want to provide them all the educational tools they need to thrive.

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Partnering With Asia’s Hope

Become the leader you’ve always dreamed you’d be. Partnering with Asia’s Hope will change your life, the lives of those around you — and of orphaned and vulnerable kids in desperate need of a family.


Guiding God’s people into courageous leadership on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable kids.