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Hope and homes for orphaned hilltribe kids in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Courageous Leadership on Behalf of Orphaned Children in Chiang Rai

It’s not easy growing up as a member of Thailand’s ethnic minority hilltribes. More than a million people — belonging to one of six major tribal groups — have been systematically excluded from the country’s growing prosperity, and bear the burden of some of the world’s most devastating social ills.

Drug addiction, homelessness, human trafficking and extreme poverty have ravaged many hilltribe villages. For the children orphaned by these tragedies, life is brutal, unfair and often short. Orphaned and abandoned children who cannot be safely cared for by extended family live each day at extraordinarily high risk of sexual and economic exploitation.

At Asia’s Hope, we’ve built a network of long-term, family-style children’s homes that provide the neediest of these kids a chance to thrive in the care of loving, stable adults who speak their language and understand their unique needs.

After years of planning, we’re now inviting churches, families and businesses to partner with us in building and supporting up to seven new homes on our beautiful, 13-acre property in Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province.

Each of these homes will accommodate full-time, live-in parents, two additional caregivers and up to 20 vulnerable kids. When finished, this project will host nine homes, multiple playgrounds and athletic fields, gardens and a church.

For the 180 children, 36 caregivers and 10 support staff living in our care, these homes will offer healing and hope. For our support partners, they’ll provide an opportunity to lead courageously and to leave a legacy of generosity that will last for generations to come.


Thailand’s six major tribal groups — the Akha, Lahu, Karen, Hmong, Mien, Lisu and Palaung — live mostly in small villages in the country’s mountainous North. The tribes are transnational, and can also be found in rural areas in Thailand’s neighboring countries.

Asia’s Hope currently operates 10 family-style children’s homes in Northern Thailand, including two on our property in Chiang Rai that will one day be the site of seven more homes.

All of the staff at Asia’s Hope Thailand are ethnically hilltribe. This has allowed us to create an environment tailored to meet our population’s unique social, educational and emotional needs.

We believe that our family-style care model meets an orphaned child’s greatest need — to no longer be an orphan.

Asia’s Hope also operates 19 children’s homes and two schools in Cambodia and six homes in Northeast India.

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One New Home: Three Sponsorship Opportunities

Each new home at our property in Chiang Rai will be supported by sponsors who commit to raising or donating funds to cover three categories of expenses:

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Capital Expenses

Building, furnishing and equipping the home and underwriting a portion of shared facilities costs requires a one-time capital investment, paid in three installments over a six month period.

$159,800 total

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Operating Expenses

Covering the home’s ongoing operation costs — food, utilities, transportation, salaries, medical care, clothing and education — requires a multi-year financial commitment.



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Scholarship Expenses

Ensuring every child in the home the opportunity to attend college or post-secondary vocational training requires the establishment of a scholarship savings account.



Many of our sponsors choose to fund all three categories of expenses. Others choose one of the categories and work with us to match them with co-sponsors who can fund the others. We'll work with you to facilitate communication with and visits to the home you sponsor.

Partnering with Asia's Hope: A Pastor and a Church Transformed

John McCollum, Executive Director of Asia’s Hope [l] pictured with Pastor Jeff Cannell of Central Vineyard Church [r].(Columbus, OH)

John McCollum, Executive Director of Asia’s Hope [l] pictured with Pastor Jeff Cannell of Central Vineyard Church [r].(Columbus, OH)

“More than a dozen years ago, our congregation — at that time just a baby church — responded in faith to God’s call to support the Prek Eng 2 Children’s Home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I can’t begin to count the ways in which we have been blessed by our partnership with Asia’s Hope.
    The relationships we’ve formed with the kids and staff have radically transformed the trajectory of our church, and my life personally.     
    At our Asia’s Hope home, we’ve watched a generation of children grow from tiny, scared orphaned kids into bold leaders succeeding in school and life, poised to bring hope and healing to their communities and country. At our church, we’ve grown both in numbers and in generosity into a congregation with the vision, passion and faith to engage suffering at home and around the world.
    I’m blessed to be counted among the ranks of courageous leaders dedicated to rescuing and restoring vulnerable kids in Cambodia, Thailand and India, and I invite you to join me. There’s a lot of work left to do!”

If you’d like to ask Jeff about his experience as an Asia’s Hope partnering pastor, contact him at

Join these courageous leaders

It takes a special kind of courage to lead a family, your church or your business into significant, consistent generosity on behalf of orphaned kids living in a far away land.

We’re grateful for — and inspired by — the bold leadership and boundless compassion of these and other partners who have joined with us to buy land, build houses, provide scholarships and support children who would otherwise bear the weight of an unkind, unjust world.

We invite you to not just admire these leaders, but to join them.

In addition to these projects in Chiang Rai, we have exciting leadership opportunities in Cambodia and India as well.

Take your first step toward a life of true vision, courage and significance.

Contact or call 614.285.5813 and we’ll help you find your place among these amazing organizations.