Family Style Care

Orphaned children need families, not institutions.

Each Asia’s Hope children’s home is based on a family, rather than an institutional model. Asia’s Hope hires a full-time mom and dad for each home. These parents live at the home and raise their own biological children alongside the Asia’s Hope kids. When orphaned children are brought into the home, they are treated not as patients or boarders. They’re considered brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.

Asia’s Hope limits the size of each home to maintain a workable staff-to-child ratio. Asia’s Hope’s ideal home size is 20–25 children. Each home functions as a family; the kids do chores, cook together, eat together, do homework go to church together. In the context of this loving home, Asia’s Hope’s children receive the support and care they need to reclaim their lost childhood and build the foundations for a successful future.

At Asia's Hope, we raise healthy children in happy, loving, Christian homes.