Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

In Thailand, families celebrate Father's Day on the King's Birthday, December 5.

Each year, all of the kids at Asia's Hope gather to celebrate and thank God for their new dads and all of the male staff at the orphan homes. This kind of celebration is always very meaningful for the kids, who have faced so much loss in their young lives.

After the celebration service, kids from each of the individual homes gathered in groups to enjoy a special picnic lunch of sticky rice and grilled chicken -- a favorite among the children. Boys from Doi Saket 1 are pictured above.

Doi Saket 2

Doi Saket 3

Doi Saket 4

At the service, recently rescued baby Nit received a biblical name, Abagail. Pictured here are Tee (nit's caregiver), Nit and ministry advisor Mike Flinchum.

Children from the Early Childhood Center hang out around the front gate of their house.