Wooster Pastors Race for Hope

All 11 pastors from Wooster Grace Brethren Church will be participating in this Saturday’s Heart and Sole race in downtown Wooster. The group decided to race to support Team Hope, a ministry that encourages ordinary people to race long distances to relieve extraordinary need.

The Pastor’s Team will run and walk in the 5K and 10K races with proceeds benefiting orphans in Southeast Asia. Wooster Grace currently sponsors one orphan home in Battambang, Cambodia with hope of sponsoring a second home in Thailand. Pastor of Outreach Ivanildo Trindade says, “I am not a runner but I wanted to motivate our people to do something about rescuing children in Southeast Asia who are living a desperate life or are in danger of falling into the hands of the peddlers of the sex trade in that part of the world. This has given whole families an opportunity to give money together and talk about why we are doing this.”  

Senior Pastor Bob Fetterhoff had the opportunity to visit Cambodia in May and meet the 40 children who have been rescued from a life of poverty, disease and human trafficking. “I have never felt love like I did from these children. I saw the faces of children who had lacked basic nutrition and medical treatment. I saw children and adults who live at a huge garbage dump in the capital of Phonm Penh searching for anything to eat or sell. And, I saw the difference Christ followers have made in the lives of children who have been rescued from squalid and hopeless conditions. After I visited in the spring, I decided to do more to raise awareness and help fund the construction of orphan homes in that part of the world,” said Fetterhoff.

Church members have been encouraged to donate their spare change in the jar of their “favorite pastor” over the last 3 weeks during Sunday services. “Aside from having a little fun with our pastors, it has been a great way to involve the entire church in this ministry,” said Diane Tirakis, Team Hope Coordinator. “They are great sports and willing to do so much for these kids!”


John McCollumComment