Pray for Kirisak


I received this message from Tutu Bee, our Thailand director regarding a young boy at our Doi Saket 4 orphan home.

Dear Every One,

Please keep pray for Kirisak a boy from Home 4 or DS. 4.

One of our small boys at Asia's Hope (Home 4) has an inguinal herniathat is protruding into his scrotum. Our nurse of Asia's Hope took him to see the doctor last weekend and we will check what the cost of surgery will be. Please pray for him. Today our staff at DS. 4 took him to the hospital again and the doctor said he need surgery for sure. No choice. His younger brother also lived in DS. 4 too. Cute starting to speak Thai little bit now.

Thank you so much for all of your generousity for God's kingdom among these children who records all of your love in their hearts forever and more than that we know that they will thankful God in their lives as they know our Truly God in their lives.

May God bless you and with you.

Sincerely love in Jesus,


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John McCollumComment