Battambang 4 -- Summer 2011 Update

As shown in a few of the other pictures, Savorn and the Asia's Hope staff put together a full-scale, three-day youth conference in Battambang this past August, 2011. The speakers were Gwen Higaki (Western Reserve), John McCollum (Asia's Hope), Paul Summers and Steve Dixon (Australian pastors), Jeff Cannell (Central Vineyard) and Darrell Evans (Salt Lake City Vineyard). 

It was a fantastic conference, and it included all of the Asia's Hope kids ages 14 and older. Several hundred kids from the surrounding churches joined in the conference, as well. We are very proud of the professionalism and vision our staff in Asia continue to show through their care of the kids and the investment into the future of their country.

BB4 kids at the conference with many others.

Some BB4 girls showing off their craft-made crosses at the youth conference.