Doi Saket 1 transformation

Thanks to the hard work of our Thai staff and the generosity of Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville, Florida, we've successfully transitioned Doi Saket 1 from a single facility with 80 kids to 4 separate homes with about 20 kids each.

This required significant strategic planning and a large financial commitment. Over the past few months, we've repurposed existing buildings and added new bathrooms, kitchens, dividing walls and furnishings -- all with the goal of providing each child at DS1 the benefits of a nuclear family.

The new homes -- tentatively named DS1a, b, c and d -- are now up an running, and the kids are beginning what we pray will be a short transition to their new, smaller family. Instead of eating together with all the other kids in one big room, each family now cooks their own meals, enjoyed in their own dining room.

All of the staff and kids are thankful for the many, many sponsors and donors who continue to look out for their best interest.

The girls do some cleaning up around the new bathroom facilities at their home.These girls enjoy a snack in their brand new kitchen and dining room.The kids are thankful for their new, well-equipped kitchen.The kids pose at the dinner table in their new dining hall.

Even though they're from different tribes -- Lisu, Lahu, Akha, Hmong, Karen -- these sisters are part of one family.These boys appreciate their new bedroom!These boys, dressed in traditional Karen tribe shirts, are happy to be a part of a diverse, loving family.