Kalimpong 1 Children's Home, Kalimpong, West Bengal, India

In the late summer of 2011, Asia's Hope's Executive Director John McCollum, Executive Board member Dr. John Campbell and Project Manager Seth Earnest took a trip to Northern India—the far north between Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. There is a small city in the region called Kalimpong, and there we met with a pastor named N.K. (Nandu) Gurung.

Like every pastor we met during our trip to India, Pastor Nandu and his wife, Anu, had taken in orphans to live as a part of their own family. Amazingly over the years, Nandu had taken in 30 children!

A church in North Carolina—Lake Forest Church (LFC)—had been partnering in various ways with Pastor Nandu for the previous 10 or 12 years. Dr. John Campbell attends LFC, and he began noticing the pictures and stories about Pastor Nandu, so he quickly began planting the seed in Asia's Hope's ear to partner with Pastor Nandu like we do with so many homes in Cambodia and Thailand.

After many years of planning and meetings with our 2011 trip to India being the final piece, Asia's Hope is so excited to announce that we have partnered with Pastor Nandu and brought on his home as our first children's home in India! We are calling it Kalimpong 1 (KP1), and it is the first of what we hope are many, many more homes and children rescued in India.

Lake Forest Church has taken on full sponsorship of the home, and we are glad to welcome them into the Asia's Hope family of partnering churches. We look forward to our partnership with joy and hope as we do all of our partnering relationships with other churches.

We are amazed at what God continues to do through His people listening to His call to care for these children. 

Pray for Pastor Nandu, his family and the children under his care as we develop our organization in India. It's a new country and new way of doing things, and we are excited for what the Lord has in store!

Keep checking in for more news and updates. 

Pastor Nandu and his wife Anu

A few of the boys at KP1

The girls of KP1

Three of the youngest boys and Nandu's son Nicolas (on the bottom right)

The older boys of KP1