Asia's Hope University Freshmen!

College has started in Cambodia and Thailand for the new year for many of the Asia's Hope students. For the 2012-2013 school year, Asia's Hope has over a dozen children in university, and in the next few years, university funding will be an increasing priority for Asia's Hope and all of our sponsors as more and more children will be enrolling in univesity and post-secondary vocational training.

We are so proud of these children working hard and pursuing education. We're so grateful to our sponsors and sponsoring churches for providing the financial support these children need, and we're conitually amazed at how well our house parents and staff care for all of the Asia's Hope children throughout their lives. It is so much fun to have these opportunities to be involved in what God is doing for these children.

There are four students from our Battambang, Cambodia homes heading into their first years of university as freshmen. Below are their pictures. Please continue to pray for our students in university as they begin the transition into adulthood, and for all of the Asia's Hope children as they develop into the young men and women they're going to be.

Bunheng from BB1.

Phearum from BB1.

Sophea from BB4.

Pheaktry from BB2.