Congratulations Seyha!

We're excited to congratulate Seyha, one of the young adults from the Prek Eng 3 children's home on the completion of his apprenticeship as a barber and on the opening of a his own barber's stall. A huge thank you to Vista Churches, church sponsor of Prek Eng 3, and everyone who supported and guided Seyha along the way, especially our National Director, Savorn Ou, and Home Parents Savong and Pisey. 

Many times, when explaining our intent to help each of our kids become self-sufficient adults who are successful in the culture of origin, we tend to emphasize the university scholarship portion of our Scholarship Fund. The reality, however, is that an equally important part of the story centers on the many Asia's Hope children who will learn a vocation through an apprenticeship or a vocational training program. Many children in our care today will become accountants, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and computers; many will also become mechanics, small business owners, electricians, estheticians, barbers, bakers, and cooks. The goal in either case is the same — we're working to provide opportunity, empowerment, and hope for all of our kids. 

We've created the Scholarship Fund with this in mind. So, when you give to the Scholarship Fund, whether it is as an individual or through one of our partnering churches, you're ensuring that our university scholars can continue their post-secondary education and that other young adults can learn a vocation, begin a career, start a business.   

The first generation of Asia's Hope kids are graduating high school, beginning university, careers, businesses, and starting families. The future looks bright for these kids!