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Battambang 1 -- March/April Update

Battambang 1 is a busy place -- seven of the kids are attending University, and it looks as if an additional four young men and women will be matriculate next year.  We've also heard that two different Battambang kids received the second highest grade in their class. Thanks to our wonderful partners at Bright Start Learning, and the tireless work of their staff, tutors, and teachers, many of the 12th graders will be receiving special tutoring sessions in preparation for their graduation exams. In addition to their studies, they found time to work hard in preparation for the Khmer New Years festivities, which included the first even Asia's Hope Soccer Tournament and an Easter Outreach that was attended by nearly 2000 people.

Many of the kids from Battambang 1 are also receiving vocational training or the opportunity to work their first job -- this is a really exciting and challenging time for these young adults: please keep them in your prayers as they continue to work, study, and take on ever greater responsibilities. 

A typical Sunday morning gathering in Battambang

A typical Sunday morning gathering in Battambang