A Wedding at Prek Eng

Congratulations to Srey Pich and her husband on their recent wedding! Officiated by Pastor Savorn Ou, Asia's Hope Cambodia National Director, the ceremony was held on April 5th on our Prek Eng campus and was attended by the children and staff, as well as friends neighbors and relatives of the newlyweds. Of course, the children played a vital role in the ceremony, performing music and dances. 

Srey Pich, who formerly lived at Prek Eng 1, will finish her studies in accounting at Vanda Accounting Institute later this year and her husband plans to continue on as a teacher at a local public school.

It's wonderful to celebrate the success experienced by the children of Asia's Hope as they grow older, graduate from high school and university, get their first jobs, and get married. Please join us in praying for and rejoicing with this wonderful young lady!