Choir Trip to Korea

13 children from Asia's Hope Thailand just returned from a week-long trip throughout Korea. These extremely gifted children were selected by a local Korean pastor to tour his country, putting on special musical performances in their tribal languages and in Thai for 7 different churches.  

They visited many different cities throughout the country, including Seoul, and they were even treated to a trip to an Amusement Park and, for the first time for many of these children, they had a chance to take a trip to the beach. 

This was such a wonderful experience for these children: not only did they enjoy seeing another country, visiting large cities, and experiencing the love and support of their Korean brothers and sisters, but they also feel truly blessed and special -- for many, as Tutu, our National Director in Thailand put it, they could hardly believe that their experience wasn't just a wonderful dream.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible for these great kids!