Battambang 4 -- May/June Update

The kids and staff have had a busy end to the school year. The home parents tell us that three more extremely bright kids from home 4 will be attending Dewey International School thanks to generous scholarships from our partners BrightStart Learning. It's so wonderful to see these children thriving! 

In addition to finishing up their studies, they welcomed Executive Director, John McCollum, his family, and Addison Smith, Asia's Hope Project Manager, to their home and the Battambang Campus. They enjoyed spending time with their visitors, including special meals and a Cambodian style dance party (more on this in a later post!). 

As you keep the children and staff in your thoughts and prayers this month, please make sure you remember one of the 12 grader girls from home 4 who is preparing to take the all important university entrance exams this August. 

Some really amazing women! 

Some really amazing women!