You can't un-rape a child.


You can’t unrape a child.

You can, however, prevent the abuse of children by providing permanent, loving families for kids at high risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Human trafficking is an unspeakable horror; the sale of children into sex slavery is a tragedy of  genocidal proportions. Thankfully, this once-hidden scourge is now widely discussed in churches, on college campuses and across a wide spectrum of media.

Given the scope and complexity of the problem, it’s often difficult to know where to start. Is there anything we can do today beyond “raising awareness” and mitigating the damage already done to those who have already suffered this horrific injustice?

At Asia’s Hope, we’re working to defend and rescue the children at the highest risk of sexual and economic exploitation — orphans, whose parents have died or abandoned them, and whose extended family cannot provide care.

Asia’s Hope orphan homes are real families with real moms and dads. These children receive food, medical care, clothing, shelter, and education and a loving, secure environment — safe from the imminent threats posed to them on the street.

You, your church, your business, your family — you can help us engage suffering and unleash hope for children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation. 

Remember, you can’t unrape a child. But you can prevent that abuse from happening by partnering with Asia’s Hope.

Thank you, and God bless you. 

John McCollum, Executive Director

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