It's raining. It's pouring.


It’s raining in Doi Saket, Thailand. For the last couple of days, all of the kids from our Thailand orphan homes have joined together at our main campus to participate in English camps. The Thai and American team conducting the camps are doing a great job, and the kids are having a blast.

With the camps now finished, the kids were hoping to go to a local swimming pool. But it’s raining. Hard. We’ll see how that goes. They’re pretty happy, however, to settle for a screening of The Lion King. They’re all stretched out on the floor of the learning center, enjoying “I Just Can’t Wait to be King.”

I’m taking a short break from kitchen duties. For the last hour or so, I’ve been working on my mis en place for a Western-style dinner I’ve planned for the staff. We’re grilling steaks (I confirmed with the butcher that it’s cow, not buffalo. Buffalo tastes and cooks like shoe leather.), sautéing carrot medallions, buttering mushrooms, boiling orecchiette and slicing mangoes. Tutu is making what she calls “Karen-tribe chili,” perhaps as a backup.

I’ve been so busy this trip – meetings, budgets, consultations, strategy sessions. I have, however, had the chance to bond with our staff a little bit and show lots of love to the kids. I haven’t taken as many pictures as I have in the past – maybe it’s just that all of the new responsibilities have made it difficult to keep “official photographer” on the top of my duty list.

Anyway, tonight is about the staff. I leave tomorrow, and I want to show them my appreciation for everything they do. I hope that, even if no one likes the meal, everyone will get a taste of my gratefulness for their hard work and dedication.

Tomorrow, I leave for Cambodia. It looks like I’ll be just as busy there. I will try, however, to post more pictures. I know. Promises, promises.

God has been good to our ministry. Nothing has come easy to us, but God has continued to show his favor and faithfulness, despite our mistakes and our human limitations. Please continue to pray that God will teach us how to best serve these wonderful kids.