Almost there

Well, thanks to Korean Air's excellent in-flight entertainment systems and Aventis' excellent sleep aid Ambien, the 14 hour flight from JFK to Seoul went by pretty quickly. I'm feeling a bit groggy, but refreshed after a nice, free airport shower, and I'm waiting to board my plane to Chiang Mai.

I'm looking forward to meeting Pastor Bob Fetterhoff (Wooster GBC) and Dr. John Campbell (Asia's Hope executive board) in Chiang Mai. As great as those two guys are, I'm even more excited to see all of our staff and kids.

Although my schedule in Asia is always very fluid, I plan on having an all-staff meeting on Thursday, and then travel to Wiang Pa Pow, where we own a farm on which we will eventually house an Asia's Hope orphanage. We'll stay the night, kill a pig, visit some of the hilltribe villages from which we brought some of our kids, return to Chiang Mai and continue meeting with visiting team members and potential ministry partners. 

There's talk of doing a worship concert at a local prison, but I don't know if final preparations have been made for that. Please keep checking out the blog and make sure you send links to people who might be interested in seeing what God's doing in this part of the world.