Elephants and Hypodermics

Elephants and hypodermics. That's what's in store for the kids today at the Doi Saket and Hot Springs orphan homes. Thanks to the generosity of Pastor Ruth Anne Breithaupt (Highview Community Church), who is paying the admission, we're going to take nearly a hundred of the kids to see the famous Chiang Mai elephant show. The elephants dance, play soccer and even paint portraits. Really.

After that, we'll switch gears from squeals of laughter to just-plain-squeals when we break out the hypodermics to finish up a round of vaccinations. I'll take pictures of all of the day's "festivities" and post them when I have the chance. Tonight, if the jetlag doesn't do me in first.

It really is a blessing to be back here. These kids are so precious to God; it is an honor to serve them on your behalf. Keep praying for us!