Lost in translation

It's been another great day. I wrote a descriptive and compelling post just a few minutes ago, but lost it due to technical difficulties. Grrr.

At any rate, our morning started with an all-staff meeting, my first as Executive Director. After about 30 minutes of songs and small talk, I opened the Bible to share some words of encouragement. The passage I asked to be read in Thai was Colossians 1:3-9, one which exhorts the recipients of the epistle to continue on in good deeds and faith, and cheers them for their faithfulness.

Unfortunately, the staff member reading the passage thought I asked them to read Galatians 1:3-9, which scolds the Galatian church for foolishly following false teaching and for falling away from the Gospel.


Fortunately, someone picked up on the problem and we got it straightened out before I offended anyone too badly. Over the next hour or so, Dr. John and I poured out our appreciation for our staff and listened to their joys and their concerns. We prayed together, and celebrated God's goodness to our ministry.

The more time I spend with our staff, the more I'm convinced that our organization has a very bright future indeed.

In a few minutes, I'll head up with Tutu, Tamla, Ashley (our intern) and the team from Highview Community Church to visit our farm in Wiang Pa Pow. We'll spend the night and return tomorrow.

We'll be heading up north, so the temperatures should cool down a tad and be close to perfect. Well, I need to go now. My ride is here, and we've got a bit of a trip ahead of us.