From Jen Lewis, trip participant

This is the kind of letter I love to get:

I have recently returned from a 17 day trip to visit Asia's Hope orphan homes in Prek Eng, Battambang, and Chiang Mai. I am a member of the Western Resrve Grace Church Team that went to dedicate the Haven of Hope (BB5). I cannot tell you what this trip meant to me. God called me to go, and I went. The trip greatly exceeded my original expectations!

To go half way around the world to give love to children, but be given that love in return at least 10-fold was just amazing! Those kids touched our hearts ina way I cannot even begin to explain. We made some heart connections that will last a life time! The day we left Battambang, the kids from Haven of Hope came to see us off at the Hotel Khemera. We spent about an hour with them in the hotel lobby. The first half hour was full of singing and hand holding and hugs and kisses.

Then the tears began! We were told that Cambodian children doen't cry...wrong! that departure from each other ripped all of our hearts apart. I spend a good portion of my day wondering what they are doing, which uniform they are wearing, are they thinking about us, etc. I have their pictures all over my desk. I'm sure my co-workers think I'm a tad bit nuts! I am beginning to save money for next year's trip! God Bless Asia's Hope! Our kids now have hope! -- Jen Lewis

John McCollumComment