Made it through the first night

Well, we’ve arrived, but we haven’t really seen much of Phnom Penh yet. It after 11pm when we left the airport, and unless you’re down at the riverfront, along the main drag  Monivong Street or one of the trendy bar neighborhoods, there’s not much to eat, not much to see or do in Phnom Penh at night – not that either Andy nor I really felt like doing anything.

With the help of Savorn, our national director, we lugged our big suitcases up a tiny flight of stairs and took the smaller (and cheaper) of the two rooms offered. Our tiny room could use a little more closet space, but I’m not going to complain it’s got a TV, a small fridge, two separate beds – each with its own mosquito net – and air conditioning. Best yet, it has wireless internet access that sort of works much of the time.

So, without much ado, Andy and I unpacked a little and went to bed. I woke up a couple of times, but was able to get back to sleep. Not sure about Andy. He’s tossing and turning quite a bit. It’s 5:30am – 6:30pm at home – so I’ll let him sleep for a while before offering to show him the town.

We plan on getting out and about pretty early today. We have the morning to ourselves, and then we’re heading out to visit all of the orphan homes this afternoon. And in the evening, we’ll visit Pheaktra, who is still in the hospital.

And then shat should be more than enough for our first jetlaggy day in the country. I will take pictures and get them online as soon as I can. Thank you for your prayers. It’s an honor to serve these kids on your behalf.

John McCollum2 Comments