Pray for peace in Thailand

As most of you have heard, there's a lot of political unrest in Thailand right now. Until recently, the violent anti-government protests were occurring only in Bangkok, hundreds of miles to the south of our work near Chiang Mai.

I received a call from Tutu, our Thai director this morning, and she told me that a bomb exploded at a market in Chiang Mai. She had left in the market only 20 minutes before the blast. While I'm thankful that Tutu was not injured, I'm also concerned. There have also been a number of other such blasts in the past couple of weeks.

Historically, coups and transitions of government haven't disturbed us too much, and I'm certain that our ministry will remain unaffected by the final outcome of these squabbles. Please join me in praying that this tension will be resolved soon, and that our staff, kids and friends will remain safe.

John McCollumComment