What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes.

Almost exactly one year ago, Asia’s Hope grew by 21 kids and five full-time staff. We had the privilege of joining a team from the newly formed Battambang 6 children’s home’s sponsoring church, and together we welcomed a group of scared, confused and painfully shy kids into their new family. 

As I wrote then, “Soon, the photos from BB6 will look like the photos from all of our other orphan homes. The kids will be laughing, playing and singing. Not yet, but soon.”

What a joy it’s been to return and see the proof that what we’re doing is working — to see in dramatic fashion the transforming power of hope. Last year, these kids were  refugees. This year, they’re normal kids, attending school, studying, doing chores and loving each other as brothers and sisters. The kids are blooming!

Last night, we played together for a couple of hours and then shared a delicious meal — an anniversary feast of sorts. I told the kids just how much they’d grown and changed in one short year. I also encouraged them to be on the front line of welcome for the new kids who will be coming to Battambang 7 in a few short weeks.

Now all I want to do is more of the same. In more places, for more kids, with more churches, individuals and businesses. Join me in praying that God will give us this same experience over and over and over again for the sake of his kids and the sake of his kingdom.

Vihea, one year ago.

Vihea, today.

Soriya, one year ago.Soriya, today.One year ago.Today