Just getting started

No pictures yet, but we’re here in Phnom Penh. We got to our hotel after midnight, and we’re doing our best to get the kids ready to meet the Delleskys and Collinses for a 9am breakfast. 

I saw Jamie in the hallway and she told me tha they’ve all been up since 4am. Jetlag, especially for the uninitiated, is rough.

I’d be happy to take it easy and slow, but the team from Central Vineyard will only be here for a couple of weeks, so I want to maximize their time with the kids. 

On the agenda today? Well, this morning, we need to hit up the Lucky Market to replace some things that we decided not to pack for space reasons – shampoo, conditioner, and a few other toiletries. Also, we need to hit the phone shop to get some local SIM cards.

After that, we’ll head out to Prek Eng to see the kids at the school and at some of the homes. I haven’t really had time to chat with the team, so I’ll also want to hear what their plans are. We’re sort of “in the team but not of it,” so we’ll have separate agendas at times.

I hope to have some pictures up by this time tomorrow. So far, we haven’t seen or done much. Everyone is good spirits, though, so I’m looking forward to a great day.


John McCollumComment