Jum-reap leah, Cambodia. Namaste, India.

Well, I’m now officially on the last leg of my three-and-a-half month journey. Seth and I are at the Phnom Penh airport getting ready to board our plane for India. After a stopover in Bangkok, we’ll arrive late this evening in Kolkata.

We will meet Executive Board member Dr. John Campbell and Pastor Nandu Gurung. We will travel tomorrow morning by plane — and then by car — to Kalimpong, where we will spend the next two weeks meeting with potential ministry partners and visiting villages with large orphan populations. We’ll then return to Kolkata for a few days of meetings with our Indian attorney, Mr. Biswajit Sarkar.

We hope to emerge with lots of stories, a greater understanding of the situation in India and a clear plan for Asia’s Hope’s immediate future on the subcontinent. To be honest, I’m already worn out. I’m downright exhausted. My stomach is feeling iffy and I have a rash that makes it painful to walk. But I know that I’m right in the center of God’s will, so I’m taking it all in (somewhat belabored) stride.

It’s been great to have Seth with me on this portion of the trip, and I believe that we will return to the States even better friends than before, with a renewed energy and  heightened sensitivity for the work at hand.

Please pray for us. I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll start taking photos again soon. I promise.


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