In the deep end

It's going to be a short blog post today -- in just a few minutes we'll be heading out to take all the kids from Prek Eng (except for an unfortunate few who have exams this morning) to the Santapheap Water park. The kids are thrilled. It's always a great time.

Later this afternoon, we'll be taking all the older boys out to a see a kickboxing match. Somewhere in between, Pak, Seth and I need to get to our travel agent and purchase our tickets to Thailand. It's going to be a big, crazy day. And then tomorrow after church? We're hitting the road for a week in Battambang. Busy. We're hitting the deep end of this trip: nothing but packed days from here on out.

The last couple of days have been intense. We've visited the horrific Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (sometimes called the Asian Auschwitz) and the National Museum. We've spent time at all five homes, playing and chasing and singing and dancing. We've visited four plots of land and discussed the relative merits of each. We've had devotions with the kids and played ping pong with the staff.

A photo of prisoners at the Khmer Rouge's notorious S21 (Toul Sleng) "security office." All the men in this photo were later killed, along with about 17,000 others at the facility. Hundreds of other security offices operated in Cambodia between 1975-1979.

Staff and kids at Prek Eng 5Prek Eng 3

Devotions at Prek Eng 3

I hope we've been a blessing to the kids and the staff. I know for sure they've blessed us immeasurably.

Will write more when I get a second to breathe. Keep praying for us!