Students receive scholarships to study in Taiwan

Pictured left to right:  Yupin, Jinda and Sukyuna

Pictured left to right: Yupin, Jinda and Sukyuna

Today I had the privilege of congratulating three girls Yupin (Doi Saket 1C Children's Home), Jinda and Sukunya (Doi Saket 1B Children's Home), who were recently awarded four-year scholarships by the Thai government and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) to study Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan after they graduate high school in 2014.

Fluent in Thai and in their native tribal languages (Yupin is from the Hmong tribe; Jinda and Sukunya are Skaw Karen), these girls are already incredibly accomplished young women compared to the vast majority of their peers, and would be almost guaranteed a good job and a bright future even without this chance to study abroad. With their completion of their course of study in Taiwan, their opportunities will be truly unlimited.

We are all proud of these hardworking young women, and we are also thankful for our staff in Thailand who have raised them and for our friends in Canada and the U.S. who have provided generous and consistent financial support for the girls since they came to Asia's Hope as young children.

Please continue to pray for Yupin, Jinda and Sukunya and all of the students graduating from Asia's Hope in Thailand, Cambodia and India. And please consider making a donation to our Scholarship Fund, which will help make university or vocational training a possibility for all of our 700 kids.

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