Anjela: almost sold

Executive Director John McCollum with 3 year old Anjela

Executive Director John McCollum with 3 year old Anjela

At three years old, Anjela faced more danger than I have seen in my entire life.

Her mother had committed suicide and her father, an alcoholic, went on blinding benders for days at a time. When he ran out of money for drink, he would sell one of his children, usually for less than $100. When he finally sobered up, he never knew what happened to his now missing child. 

All of Anjela's four older siblings had already been sold as slaves. Only Anjela remained. Her father, drinking again, was on the brink of handing Anjela over to traffickers in exchange for a few dollars when she was rescued by a local pastor in her hometown of Jaigon, near the India-Bhutan border.

When she came to Asia's Hope just a few short months ago, she was emaciated and traumatized. Today, she is healthy and happy, and shares a home with loving parents and other children like her. 

Unfortunately, Anjela's home does not yet have a sponsoring church to provide permanent funding. Of course we will never let a child go simply because we do not have a church partner, but we are taking funds from other places to support this home, and we cannot rescue any more kids until we can sustain funding for those already in our care. 

Please pray for Asia's Hope. Pray that we can find church sponsors immediately for two more homes in India.  In the meantime, will you consider giving or asking your church or company to give where most needed so we can continue to provide Anjela and the kids without a sponsoring church the same great care we give all of our children?

Contact me directly if you have any leads on a partnering church! 

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