Tiger Eat Cow

What a joy to attend church with the staff and kids from our Prek Eng homes. And what an honor to teach from Luke 15, the Parable of the Lost Son and the Running Father: in a culture where shame was often met with rejection — a turning of the back, a closing of the eyes — Jesus promises a different kind of family, a different kind of kingdom. One where unfaithfulness is met with embrace, not rejection, where the father runs toward you, rather than locks you out of the house...

After church, we ate lunch at Prek Eng 2. Jeff and Peter stayed behind to hang out with the PE2 kids, and Conrad and I spent a couple of hours at our newest home, Prek Eng 6. Even though the kids have only been with their new parents for a couple of months, they already feel like a family. Thank you so much, Vineyard Columbus, for your generosity to these wonderful kids. I can't wait to tell you all about them when I return!

We then headed over to Prek Eng 4 where got thoroughly perplexed by a game called "Tiger Eat Cow." It's something like a mix between tic-tac-toe and Othello. The kids were very gracious, but it was clear from the start that Conrad and I had no idea what was going on.

John McCollumComment