Going with The Chapel

On a Mekong River excursion with the kids and staff of our Prek Eng 1 home

After my family left for America on Wednesday night , I had exactly one day to feel lonely, get caught up on sleep and generally take time off. On Thursday night at about 10:30pm I met a contingent of kids and staff at the Phnom Penh airport to welcome Pastor Tim Armstrong and his team from The Chapel (Akron, OH). Our staff took the team to the hotel, and I stuck around for another couple hours and picked up Sam and Rachel Cobb, and brought them back to the hotel with me.

Tim is one of Asia's Hope's most passionate and productive advocates. He's been extraordinarily successful at leading businesses and families into generosity toward Asia's Hope and other ministries in Akron and around the world. The Chapel sponsors our Prek Eng 1 home and our Battambang 6 home, and underwrites the operation of our brand new Battambang secondary school.

Sam owns Real Wood Floors, a flooring manufacturing company that sponsors our school in India. Sam's opening a factory in Cambodia, and wanted to come see our work here. He and Rachel are hanging with me and the Chapel Team until Monday, when they'll head off to the factory and I'll take The Chapel to Battambang, to see the kids and the school they support there.

We've been going dawn to dusk and are headed off to church soon, so I'll just post a few pics from our trip so far. It's great having these guys here — they've been such an encouragement to me and to our staff and kids.

Picking The Chapel team up at the airport.

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