Unexpected goodbyes


Goodbyes are always difficult. Moreso when they are unexpected or untimely.

We had planned to stay in India for another five days, but we were forced to leave when it became clear that it was unsafe for us to remain. In the end, it was resolved with a few interviews with the police and other officials, and we were able to reschedule our tickets. 

We lost a few days in India, a few hundred dollars in tickets and a few hours of sleep. This pathetic attempt to intimidate us by forces opposed to our work has already backfired. We leave this country even stronger, and with greater confidence that we are called and protected by God himself. 

To any of you who knew about the situation — or inferred that something was up — thank you for your prayers and your support.

Our next stop is Cambodia, where our early arrival will allow us to meet up with the team from my church, Central Vineyard. All said, a good outcome all around.