Guests aplenty

The last 48 hours or so have flown by. For our first couple of days in Thailand, my family and I spent time with our staff and kids, just hanging out and relaxing before guests arrived. First to fly in was the Hamilton family, who were just popping in for a two-day visit. They're long-time friends of Asia's Hope Cambodia, and had just spent about a week and a half visiting the kids they support at our Prek Eng 5 home outside of Phnom Penh. Next to arrive was the Davis family, Asia's Hope Thailand supporters from Columbus, Ohio. They were followed in rapid succession by Asia's Hope project manager Addison Smith and Justin and Jamie Perkins. The Perkins family owns Holy Moses barbershop in Columbus, Ohio, and they're here to initiate a sponsorship of our Doi Saket 1a home here in Thailand.

We're all staying together at a guesthouse in Doi Saket, where the guesthouse staff — assisted by some Asia's Hope Thailand family members — are taking great care of us. We've thrown pool parties for Asia's Hope kids, attended an amazing church service, played games and hosted an outdoor movie night. And we've also eaten really well, both at the guesthouse and at my favorite restaurant in the world, Auntie Cat's Khao Soi.

For each of our guests — except for Addison, of course — this is their first time in Thailand. It's a joy to experience the culture and ministry anew through the eyes of our friends. Tonight we're heading out to Chiang Mai's famous Sunday Walking Market. I don't really need any more Thai tchotchkes, but I'll certainly enjoy a smoothie and a couple plates of sticky rice with mangoes. Tomorrow we're heading up to visit our homes in Wiang Pa Pro, where we're more than likely to kill and butcher a hog. 

Enjoy the pics. Maybe you'll join us here some day!

John McCollumComment