Pastor Nandu and his family visit Cambodia!

We are so excited that for the past two weeks, our new Regional Director of Northeastern India Pastor N.K. Gurung (Nandu) and his family were able to travel to Cambodia to spend time with our staff and children there. Savorn and the rest of Asia's Hope Cambodia welcomed Nandu's family warmly, and it was an encouraging time of fellowship, learning and vision-building for Nandu. He and his family got a chance to witness first-hand the amazing organization and culture that Savorn and our staff have built for Asia's Hope in Cambodia, and now we can begin building a similar culture in India with Nandu at the helm.

You can read more here about Nandu and the home we have adopted as our first home in India. Here are some pictures of Nandu and his family as they visit Cambodia.

Nandu and his family greeting the children of Battambang.

Pastor Nandu at the Hope Fellowship Hall on our Battambang campus.

Nandu sharing from stage.With the children of Battambang.Nandu, his wife and his children are all in there somewhere!

Nandu and family with Savorn and family.Nandu sharing with the children.Nandu and his family gathered with the children; Dr. John Campbell (AH Executive Board member) and his wife, Bobbi, are also there.Anu, Nicolas, Apphia and Nandu eating some traditional Khmer (Cambodian) food.

Nandu and family in the middle of our Prek Eng home parents in Cambodia.

Nandu's family saying goodbye to the Battambang kids.