Asia's Hope is hiring!

Asia’s Hope, a multi-denominational, Christian non-profit organization that partners with churches in the United States, Canada and Australia to provide family-style residential care for orphaned children in Cambodia, Thailand and India, is hiring a project manager.

Asia’s Hope cares for more than 700 children, partners with dozens of churches and employs more than 150 indigenous staff members overseas.

The home office, however, is currently staffed by the Executive Director and a part-time administrator who works from her home.


The project manager will provide daily assistance to John McCollum, Asia’s Hope’s executive director, and will work out of the office in Columbus, Ohio. This full-time position will require significant periods of time one-on-one with John during the work week, and will occasionally require evening and weekend travel representing Asia’s Hope with John or alone. The project manager will likely travel to Asia once a year for a period of 3-4 weeks, expenses paid by Asia’s Hope.

            This position is considered full-time (around 40 hours a week), and the project manager will enjoy three weeks paid vacation annually, a high degree of schedule flexibility, emergency and sick days off and a casual, highly creative work environment.

            Starting salary is $35,000, benefits negotiable.

Job description for Project Manager

  1. Assist Executive Director in prioritizing, accomplishing, delegating, scheduling and managing all projects and tasks.
  2. Provide personal and professional accountability for Executive Director.
  3. Maintain day-to-day correspondence with and between staff, volunteers, supporters and board members.
  4. Facilitate communication on financial and operational matters between members of national boards and Executive Board.
  5. Assist the Executive Director in managing existing and emerging strategic partnerships and in developing and implementing proper relationship management practices.
  6. Assist in specific marketing and management tasks, delegating and managing or implementing updates to web site and printed communications.
  7. Taking meetings with or for Executive Director.
  8. Manage master database with biographical, medical and educational information about each child in our care.

Personal Requirements

  1. Enthusiastic support of Asia’s Hope’s vision, strategy and tactics
  2. A love for and commitment to the world’s poor, particularly orphans
  3. A heart for unity among Christian churches of many different denominations and faith traditions
  4. A commitment to continual improvement in cross-cultural communication and ministry skills
  5. Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
  6. Extraordinary organizational and administrative capacity
  7. Creativity and diligence — the ability to innovate and implement
  8. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously over a long period of time
  9. A high degree of emotional maturity and the ability to work happily with people of different personality types as well as diverse ethnic, national, political, theological and social backgrounds
  10. The ability to maintain a steady, non-anxious demeanor in difficult or stressful situations; the ideal candidate will routinely mitigate, rather than aggravate, the emotional and relational impact of conflict

Technical Requirements

  1. Familiarity with Mac computers and operating systems
  2. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Word
  3. Experience with or willingness to learn Adobe InDesign, Google SketchUp and Squarespace

Other stuff

  1. At the Asia’s Hope home office, we roast our own coffee, and occasionally cook breakfast for guests – and staff. If you don’t know how to make an omelet or use a French press, you will learn.
  2. When the weather is nice, many meetings will be taken on-the-go, either to local coffee shops and cafés or on walks around the Clintonville/OSU campus areas.
  3. Asia’s Hope will provide a new Mac laptop and iPad for the project manager’s use.
  4. If you are a picky eater, you probably won’t like this job. We schedule all of our lunch meetings with supporters and partners at interesting ethnic places all around town. And when we’re overseas, we eat what’s put in front of us. If it’s got four legs and it’s not a table, it’s probably for dinner. If it has wings and isn’t an airplane? You get the idea.
  5. The Asia’s Hope office is, for the most part, a no-necktie zone. We do, however, prefer that you wear a shirt.
  6. John McCollum is one of the aforementioned “extreme extroverts.” And the office is small. Occasionally he sings. And occasionally, people stop by with musical instruments to jam. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  7. We believe that we are doing the most important job imaginable, saving orphaned kids from sexual and economic exploitation. While we have fun, we’re deadly serious about our mission, and aggressively advocate for our kids, staff and ministry – their lives depend on it.
  8. We are unapologetically Christian, but we refuse to be defined or divided by secondary doctrinal distinctions. Many of our supporters, partners and staff believe strongly in their own theological traditions, but we are committed to serving as a force for unity within the church at home and abroad.
  9. Our previous project manager set the bar pretty high. But we’ll try not to saddle you with onerous comparisons. If you’re hired for this job, it’s because we believe God has prepared you specifically for the position.

Submission details

We will accept résumés by email between July 1, 2013 and August 1, 2013. We will interview selected applicants between August 15 and September 15. We hope to make a job offer by the end of September, employment starting immediately thereafter.

            Please address emails to, subject line: Project Manager Position. Please include professional and pastoral references.


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