Can you help?

I've just returned from Cambodia and Thailand, and I'm amazed at how well all of our kids are doing.

I've watched God transform these kids from scared, vulnerable street kids to confident, strong brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.

Like all charitable organizations, Asia's Hope is feeling the pressure from the global economic downturn. As an organization with only one full-time staff in North America (and nearly 90 in Asia!) we have always pinched our pennies and stretched our dollars to the max.

Right now, however, we have a number of urgent, unexpected bills we're struggling to pay -- a well that's run dry, a sudden increase in rent at an orphan home, repairs to an air conditioning unit, repairs to a vehicle -- and a few others.

Would you take a moment and pray for Asia's Hope today?

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May God bless you as you stand in defense of orphans.

John McCollumComment