On Tuesday, my friend Andy Taylor and I drove to Pittsburgh so I could give an update to the youth at the 2009 Momentum conference. Last year, the students raised more than $90,000, enough to open and operate two orphan homes for an entire year.

It was an honor to thank the students on behalf of our staff and kids in Cambodia. I also got a chance to hang out briefly with Je'Rod Cherry, who raffled off one of his Super Bowl rings to help kids in need. Asia's Hope was a recipient of some of those funds, and we were able to purchase land and underwrite a large portion of the construction costs for our Doi Saket 3 and 4 orphan homes.

It's really amazing to see God's spirit move in the hearts of so many people across the nation, and i'ts especially encouraging to see God work so powerfully through the youth of the Grace Brethren fellowship. Very cool.

John McCollumComment