Featured Bio: Vilay

I'm happy to introduce 14-year old Vilay to you. He really is one of my favorite kids in the world. One of the "big kids" at our Prek Eng 2 home, Vilay is gentle and kind, and takes a great deal of responsibility for the younger children. He's such a big help, and all of the kids look up to him. I pray that some day Vilay will join the staff of Asia's Hope.

Pray for Vilay as you read this bio, submitted by Savorn Ou, our Cambodian director.

His father was killed when he was working as a guard at a prison. His mother remarried a new husband, unfortunately, her new husband committed suicide when he laid down on the train tracks and was run over by a train. Vilay and his brother Veasna went to live with their uncle. His uncle took Vilay and his brother to live in Phnom Penh.  He did not have enough time to go to school because he had to work clearing grass around the house. He was also responsible for guarding their house at night. Sometimes he scavenged for recyclable materials to get some money to feed himself. He had to work so hard all the time. He never had new clothes to wear. If he got ill, he could never buy medicine to take.

Vilay now lives at Prek Eng 2 near Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which is sponsored by Central Vineyard Church in Columbus, Ohio.

Now that he is living in the orphanage, he has a good school to go to, enough food to eat, toys to play with, new friends, and time to do homework. He has the opportunity to study English and computers. Even though he has gotten sick, he has kind orphanage parents that take him to the hospital and take care of him. 

He attends Asia’s Hope Christian School. His favorite subjects are English and Math. His favorite food is fried pork with ginger. He enjoys Game Boy and hopes to become a pastor.

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