Ford (Best story of the year)!

This has to be my favorite story of the year. I received this email from Tutu Bee, our Thailand country director. The email was titled, "Naughty staff but blessing." Enjoy.

In the end of the year on December 29,09. Our staff Dong and his wife Ying. She pregnant for 8 months turn to 9 months. They asked me to go back to their villag for celebrate New year at church. I had told them you should not go because your baby will born soon and your village very far from the city and road very camping road. They said will be fine not born  yet.

So, they went back to the village on the night of Janury 1st, 10. Dong had to hurry from the village to the hospital with a midwife in the back of the truck. Ying very serious with painful for baby will born!! the midwife told her don't puch yet, break... break... don't puch but can't break not work!! and on the way her baby born in the back of the truck!! on the way and then arrived in the local hospital later, both mother and baby saved in God's hand. Praise God! 

See the pictures. So cute and lovely baby boy. His name is Hope because parents working at Asia's Hope and his nick name is Ford because the truck brand baby born inside the truck is Ford!! 

Staffa and all your kids miss you so much and they are praying for your coming back soon.  They all love the Lord very much. They encouraged me a lot by their singing and pray and love to study bible.

Thank you so much for care for them and loving them and give them hope and future.

John McCollum3 Comments