Update on Lew and Kelapaw

I've updated many of you individually on Lew and Kelapaw's condition -- I also wanted to put some information up on the blog.

Kelapaw has been released from the hospital and is recovering. Lew, however, will remain in the hospital for another week or so, and will require more physical therapy and some significant time for healing.

We're going to keep Lew on staff, but change her duties some. She's very much looking forward to reuniting with her two daughters, and with Josiah, the little boy she and Duang cared for.

We will continue to collect funds for ongoing medical expenses and expenses related to the staffing changes necessitated by Duang's death. If you are interested in contributing to this, you may do so by visiting http://www.asiashope.org/support/. If you write a check, put "Duang's family" in the memo line, and we'll make sure it's allocated correctly.

Please continue to pray for this dear family.

John McCollumComment