Smiles among the sadness

I just finished a Skype video chat with Duang's wife Lew and their two daughters. I'm so happy to report that all are doing well. Both Lew and Kelapaw face a long road of recovery, but are happy to be out of the hospital, and living as a family again.

The family, along with Lew's mother, are living for now at the home of Tutu Bee, our national director. They will recuperate there for as long as necessary -- two, perhaps three months. Tutu is glad to have them there, and Lew's mother is enjoying her role as caregiver and helper.

Lew is still in rough shape. The swelling has gone down in her face, and she is doing physical therapy regularly to improve movement in her hand. Her hips and legs are her major struggle right now. She is unable to stand, and will use a wheelchair for at least two months, after which she will transition to a walker. Please pray that God will accelerate her healing, and bring her to full health and mobility ahead of schedule.

Kelapaw is getting around with a walker, and hopes to return to walking on her own in a few weeks. Both she and her sister were giggling and smiling; they will always feel a deep sorrow for the loss of their father, but I can foresee a return to some sort of normalcy over time. They are truly beautiful girls, and it was so good to see them smile.

The family is extremely grateful for the prayers, the condolences and the financial support they have received from all around the world. They know that they are loved, and they thank God for all of you who have kept them in mind during this extremely difficult time.

I too am very thankful for all of you. Please continue to pray for this family. And please continue to pray for Asia's Hope. 

John McCollumComment