Catching up

I hope to catch up with this blog soon. I'm not sure I will, though. Tomorrow, the first of five teams arrives in Cambodia. Two will be staying in Phnom Penh, three will head to Battambang.

My family and I leave for Battambang on Saturday, and will be there for about three weeks before returning to Phnom Penh briefly to prepare for our departure to Thailand.

It's every bit as busy as it sounds.

Today, we spent a long, leisurely lunch with the directors of our Prek Eng orphan homes and their wives. This evening, we ate dinner with our friends Narin and Quenie and their four children.

Earlier this week, we visited the Tuol Sleng genocide museum, visited our orphan homes and delivered medicine to the family of a Cambodian friend living in Columbus.

I have pictures of all of these things, but they will have to wait until I get a chance to pull them off the camera.

We're doing well. My kids are exhausted and have had some iffy attitudes, but hey. That'll happen.

Perhaps I'll get a chance to post again tomorrow. Not sure about that...