Time out in Battambang

One of the bad things about not updating this blog on a regular basis is that, when I actually have time to update, I can’t figure out where to start. So much has happened since my last post, I’ll just have to skip a bunch. Perhaps I’ll fill in the gaps later.

My trips to Asia are much more hectic than they used to be. When we were a smaller organization, I could spend loads of quality time with a relatively small group of staff and kids. Today, we have 17 orphan homes – ten in Cambodia alone.

With dozens of staff and hundreds of kids, the most time I can spend with any one orphan home in any given day is about three hours. Here in Battambang, we have six homes. That means that I’m unlikely to spend more than a total of one day a week with any one group of kids.

That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to have teams visit from sponsoring organizations. The groups from Western Reserve Grace Church, Wooster Grace Brethren, Westview Bible Church, Jeremiah’s Hope and Vista Community Church have all been here over the past couple of weeks, and they’ve been able to spend loads of quality time with the kids they sponsor, playing games, giving gifts and getting to know each child individually.

So, it’s hectic. I try to greet each team at least cursorily, and make myself available to them when needed. I also have staff meetings, networking opportunities and, of course, time at the orphan homes. I feel like I’m running at full-tilt most of the time. 

Yesterday, my body called a time-out. I started feeling a bit lousy about three days ago, but I kept on pushing it. The vomiting and fever started last night. I’m feeling some better this morning, but I’m not sure there’s going to be much activity for me today. Thankfully, there’s a pool at our hotel, so at least Kori and the kids can have some fun.

Speaking of fun, I’m praying that I recover fully by Sunday – we’re having a full-day extravaganza. Church in the morning, water park in the afternoon, fireworks and dancing at night.

Maybe I’ll slow down enough to keep this blog up to date. Until then, enjoy some of the pictures I’ve taken recently.

Cambodian food. It tastes much better going down than coming back up.

Ravi, Prek Eng 4 director took a break from painting to take some pictures.Barbering time at Prek Eng 4Sopheng and Somary, Prek Eng 3 directorsSophal, wife of Narun, Prek Eng 2 directorThavrey, wife of Ravi, Prek Eng 4 directorPisey, wife of Savong, director of Prek Eng 3Meeting of Prek Eng staff

Some beautiful kids from Battambang 5.

Prach Sec, director of BB 5

Vannak, director of BB4Some kids from BB4Vannak in front of BB4Somneang, one of our first kids. She and her sisters live at BB1.


The view from our hotel room.