Of course, OURS are the cutest...

"Of course ours are the cutest, objectively speaking." 

I've heard that said, half-jokingly, by dozens of visitors, blog readers and sponsors over the years. All of whom represent different homes, different churches -- different kids.

There's something beautiful about the sentiment. It indicates that our churches are making real, lasting connections, and that their kids are distinguishable from one another.

Hang out with someone from Vista church in Dublin, Ohio, for instance. Start looking at pictures from Asia's Hope. You might get a few coos, and complements for the kids from Prek Eng 1 and 2, but when you get to their home, Prek Eng 3, you start to hear squeals and applause...

"Oooh! Phalla! He's so handsome. Look how big he's gotten!" "Oh. My. Goodness! Rebekah! Have you ever seen a more beautiful smile?" "Oh, little Yohan -- I just want to hug him forever!"

"All the kids at Asia's Hope are wonderful, but I have to admit I think ours are the best!"

Switch Vista for Westview Bible Church or Wooster Grace, and you'll see the same thing over and over. Our churches love their kids. They know them by name. They pray for them. They support them.

This is a good thing. Every kid needs someone to look out for them personally. It's why we create families with moms and dads, not institutions with shiftworkers.

As director of Asia's Hope, I can't afford to have favorites, but I sure don't mind if you do.