More, please.

It's been a few days since I've posted. It's not for lack of trying.

Things get really, really busy here. By the time I get back home from a long day of meetings, greetings and children's home visits, I'm usually beat. And, frankly, having my kids with me at the hotel makes "office hours" a bit challenging.

I have a few minutes right now, and I've chosen to post rather than nap. Not sure that's a great idea, but I just wanted to say a few things about our visit to Prek Eng 5 last night.

Last year, Prek Eng 5 didn't even exist. It's children were living in poverty and despair, scattered across the country. They hadn't yet met their new parents, and they had no idea that their lives were about to change radically for the better.

Spending the evening with the kids, it's hard to believe that only a year ago they had never met one another. I'm so impressed with the staff at Prek Eng 5. They've done such a great job integrating the kids into their new surroundings. 

Today, instead of crying out, "Why, God?" I'm praying, "More, please."

Having been through this a few times, I've become conditioned to look at the kids I see begging on the streets or working in the fields and see through the grime and the misery and catch just a glimmer of the possibility that is inside each child, no matter how poor or desperate.

John McCollumComment