Feeling trapped?

I read recently that 71% of Americans report feeling trapped in their current job.

There are, of course, a multitude of reasons people feel that way. “My boss doesn’t value my contributions.” “I’m not adequately compensated.” “I don’t have room for advancement.” “My employer doesn’t offer health coverage.”

Having had a number of lousy jobs in my day, I can certainly identify with some of these sentiments. Can you?

Unfortunately, for more than 200 million child slaves and underage indentured servants in this world, being “trapped” is more than a metaphor. They are, often quite literally, locked into occupations that most adults would find appalling.

Orphaned children are among the populations at highest risk for this type of exploitation. In the communities that we serve in Cambodia, Thailand and India, kids who don’t have parents that can care for or protect them face daily the threat of being trafficked as farm hands, domestic servants, factory workers and prostitutes.

For all of you who support Asia’s Hope or one of our partnering churches with your prayers and your financial gifts, thank you. You are on the front lines of a battle between hope and despair. You are heroes to the hundreds of kids we serve every day.