You know about senioritis, don't you? It's a case of unease, distraction and diminished productivity -- experienced most acutely by seniors in high school in the days immediately preceding graduation -- that afflicts those eagerly awaiting the completion of one stage of life in anticipation of an imminent future event.

My kids, whose school ends for the summer tomorrow, have had it for a couple of weeks.

And I've got it bad.

I leave for Asia in less than a week, and though I'm going to badly miss my friends and the family I'm leaving behind, I almost literally can't wait to get to the airport and get on my way.

This trip promises to be one of my most significant in years. We will, among other things, be:

  • looking at plots of land in Phnom Penh and praying that God will give us the land we need to build a new, unified campus (complete with church and school!) for all five of our Prek Eng homes
  • meeting with potential donors who may choose to participate in a campaign to raise money for that land and those houses
  • introducing Asia's Hope for the first time in person to Pastor Jared Boyd and his daughter Rayli, who are among my dearest friends in this world
  • meeting with some potential church partners who may play a role in the future of Asia's Hope
  • thanking in person the pastor of a Korean church that has given generously to Asia's Hope recently
  • casting a vision among our staff and visiting church teams for significant investment in the future of our kids post-high school
  • working with our staff to craft a comprehensive plan for college scholarship funding and career counseling
  • Meeting for the first time the new kids and staff from our Battambang 8 home
  • Introducing Seth Earnest, Asia's Hope Project Manager, to Asia's Hope Thailand for the first time

And, of course, I'll be celebrating God's goodnesss and his love for humankind, incarnate in every single child He's rescued and placed in our care. I miss desperately my friends and family in Asia, and I can't wait to be reunited with them.

My handsome and kind son Pak pictured with one of his friends from Asia's Hope in Battambang.

I'm also looking forward to spending a couple of days in Seoul with my son Pak so we can both get a chance to absorb some of his Korean heritage. Pak is one of the most interesting and compassionate people I know. I can't think of a better travel companion.

Until then, I'll be in and out of the office, scurrying around, trying to tie up last minute details and working hard to not open any new cans of worms that I can't close in the next few days.

And I'll be trying to enjoy the last few days at home with Kori, Xiu Dan and Chien without driving them nuts with my pacing and racing.