Pizza party with Asia's Hope scholars

I'm back home in Columbus, writing in a bit of a jet-lag induced stupor; 30+ hours of flights and airports will do that to you. I wanted to post some pictures from my last days in Cambodia before I left, but the time simply ran away from me.

On my very last night in-country, I had the privilege and the joy to rent a boat for a couple hours on the Mekong River to enjoy some long-wished-for recreation time with many of the Asia's Hope students currently studying at university around Phnom Penh.

Some of these kids I hadn't seen yet on my short trip to Cambodia; they're quite busy with homework, classes and tests. So it was so nice to spend a cool evening with some pretty cool people. I'm proud out each one of them, and the dozens of other Asia's Hope scholars I didn't get a chance to hang out with. Please pray for them. And please consider supporting their studies by visiting our scholarship page.

John McCollumComment